As part of KAU’s academic health complex, the CEOR will be involved in the various educational activities and programs including but not limited to medical and allied health students, trainees and postgraduate candidates at the MSc and/or PhD levels. The CEOR will develop and conduct osteoporosis education programs to increase awareness knowledge of osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


 One of the main objectives of the CEOR is to provide state-of-the-art education opportunities for medical and allied health students, graduate students and post-doctoral fellow in the various domains of osteoporosis research programs. Such objectives will be achieved by:

 Providing twinning programs (MSc/PhD) levels with distinguished international universities and/or research centers in collaboration with KAU to facilitate and enabling the postgraduate candidate to achieve the credentials of either an MSc or PhD degrees. This will be organized through the Education Unit at the CEOR and the appropriate postgraduate channels at KAU.

 Providing and conducting on-hand workshops on the various existing and/or new technologies using the experience and skills of the staff of the various research programs of the CEOR with the support of distinguished national and international consultants and/or visiting professors.

 Conducting special short courses tailored to serve targeted audience of health professionals and providers.

 Conducting seminars and presentation on a regular basis covering aspects of osteoporosis diagnosis, management and prevention and recent developments in research activities of the CEOR.

 Organizing national and international symposia covering various aspects of osteoporosis related to CEOR’s research programs. Such educational events will be arranged with participation from national and international experts and distinguished speakers in the field of osteoporosis and related to the CEOR programs.

 Organizing teleconferencing sessions between the CEOR and distinguished centers worldwide using the available facilities at the CEOR.

 Using the web-pages of the CEOR, distant learning activities will be made available according to objectives of the various research programs of the CEOR.

 Conducting open-days for the public on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis (including the World Osteoporosis Day) using the appropriated educational materials and instruction modalities.

 Developing and conducting awareness campaigns on osteoporosis related to the various outcome activities of the CEOR research programs. This also, will involve evaluation of information and skills transfer particularly in relation to life-style behavior changes.

 Organizing Continuous Medical Education activities for the staff of the various research programs of the CEOR.

All of the above educational activities will be performed through a conserved effort of al the staff and co-workers of the CEOR through the appropriate structural organization.


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