Biosafty, Radiation Safty and Infection Control Committee "BRSICC"

(Was this committee on August 12, 2009 and is headed by a Committee. D. Jalaluddin greatest Jalal) The task of this committee include:
A) Discussion of topics of vital safety and radiation protection when conducting scientific research on humans or animals to ensure compliance with safety regulations at all levels in the Centre of Excellence for Research on osteoporosis.
B) Providing support to ensure compliance with the rules of bio-safety and radiation protection when working in the Center of Excellence for Research on Osteoporosis in line with the regulations and rules of King Abdul Aziz University and the Ministry of Higher Education in Saudi Arabia.
C) Review means the Guarantor for the prevention of the Non-Proliferation of epidemiology at the Center of Excellence for Research on osteoporosis.
D) Review the use of nucleic acids (DNA) or pathogenic bacteria when separated and drawn in the center.
E) Ensure that all relevant research activities conducted separate and extract the nucleic acids (DNA) and pathogenic bacteria that in line with the procedures and policies in place and approved by the Centre of Excellence for Research on osteoporosis.
F) Ensure appropriate work environment health Excellence Center for Research on Osteoporosis and its staff including the conduct of research related to the separation and extraction pathogenic bacteria and nucleic acids (DNA) in the center.
D. Khalid Abdullah Al-Coat
D. Asif Patani
D. Abdul Rahim Kensarp
D. EA Jeffery
A. Mohamed Zaki Assouli
A. Mohamed Ali Abdul Ghani Omar

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