Education and Traning Committee "ETC"

(The composition of this Committee on August 12, 2009 and chaired by a. D. فارسي beautiful Muhammad Ali) and the mission of this committee include:
A) To promote activities conducted educational and training center to improve and increase the skills of staff of the center and students of undergraduate and graduate students as well as health practitioners from within and outside the Centre of Excellence for Research on osteoporosis.
B) organization and management of workshops, lectures, courses and seminars and contribute to the development and provision of educational materials and training center.
C) To encourage contributions from all relevant agencies within the King Abdul Aziz University or from outside to contribute to the activities conducted education and training of the Centre of Excellence for Research on osteoporosis.
D. Qari Mohammed Hassan
D. Khalid Abdullah Al-Coat
A. D. Jalal al-Din Jalal greatest
D. Happy Mushtaq
A. Assem Abdel-Aziz

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8/10/2010 2:50:44 PM