Microscopic Unit

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Objective of the unit:

  • Help doctors, biologists, physics, and engineers and by studying the objects and sub-cellular structures (objects the size of viruses), lies the importance of unity in the diagnosis, research, and training.

  • Electron microscope provides important information display three-dimensional views of the biological samples in addition to providing information on the elements Scanned materials and their chemical composition.

Work of the Unit / Services:

  • Diagnostic services.

  • Research services.

  • Training of students and college graduates.

    The names of the principal organs in loneliness:

  • Force the electron microscope TEM (cm 100)
    This supports the microscope in the study of most of the samples (diagnostic and research).

  • Scanning electron microscope SEM (XL -20)
    This microscope is used primarily for research.



























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