There is a widely recognized shortage of biomedical research investigators, research assistants and laboratory technologists who should have the educational background and skills in interdisciplinary competencies needed to conduct the various research activities required by the research programs of the CEOR.


 The Education Unit of the of the of the of the of the of the CEOR will develop special training protocols to develop and support Saudi candidates for research assistants position as well as laboratory technologists with special skills in scientific research and various technologies available as part of the CEOR research programs. Such a program will be suitable for those who want to have a career in biomedical and clinical research programs within a stable academic environment that will ensure the transfer of know-how and technologies. Special courses abroad can be arranged for these type of trainees.

 Training courses will be developed by the various research programs of the CEOR.

 Training in Molecular Biology for graduate students, nursing students, and applied medical science students. The Education Unit at the CEOR will organize special training programs for the various students from the faculties of KAU depending on the resources and facilities to be made available in the CEOR.

 Supporting the “Youth Development” research projects for medical students and other allied health students using the facilities of the various research programs of the CEOR.


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