Youth Development Program




The main objective of this program is to encourage senior students from the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Applied Medical Sciences to participate in research activities and gain skills in relation to making research proposals, conducting research and producing publishable results in medical scientific journals.


Every year there will be a slot for 30 applicants to join the program for a full 6- month period that will include attending a short course and workshop on “Conducting Medical Research” followed by submitting a short research project to be supervised through CEOR and faculty members from the student’s faculty (i.e. Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Applied Medical Sciences).

Financial Support

CEOR will support all successful research proposals according to available resources.

Research Priorities for 2009

 Vitamin-D status in patients with diabetes mellitus. 
 Vitamin-D status in patients with chronic liver disease. 
 Vitamin-D status in patients with hyperthyroidism. 
 Vitamin-D status in female medical students in relation to BMD. 
 Vitamin-D status in male medical students in relation to BMD. 
 Bone turnover markers in patients with osteomalacia. 
 Epidemiology of falls in hospitalized patients at KAUH. 
 Knowledge about bone health among medical students. 
 Dietary calcium intake in relation to BMD among postmenopausal women. 
 Oral health in university students in relation to bone health. 
 Vitamin-D status in patients with RA. 
 The value of quantitative ultrasonsography in relation t diagnosis of osteoporosis. 
 The effect of dental parafunctional habits on BMD of the jaws.


In the annual CEOR International Symposium, the best 3 successful projects will be awarded the “Youth Development Program” Award as follows:

  First price 20,000 SR

 Second price 15, 000 SR

 Third price 10, 000 SR


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